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24hr Survival



Have you ever watched Bear Grylls, Ray Mears or even I'm A Celebrity on the telly and thought you would be up for that kind of challenge. 

Now you can experience it with your child. Kids should be at least 8yrs old .   Your main objective will for you both to  build a shelter; then you will practice lighting fires using a firesteels in preparation to cook your dinner and boil your water.  You will have the opportunity to learn how to use knifes safely and make a tent peg.  There should be time to do some basic natural way finding in our woods. We shall also touch on foraging for medicinal and edible plants and finding natural cordage. The course is taught in an informal and light hearted manner so relax and enjoy your experience, in our beautiful woods.

Optionally on the Sunday (if you have the energy)

  • Archery for 1 hrs (plus 10pp)

  • Bait Fishing 2 hrs (plus 10pp - unacompanied)

Duration - 24hrs 10am - 10am (Over a weekend)

Suitable For - Youths 8yrs upwards , accompanied by paying adult

Location - Second to none, we are set in a remote but accessible part of Perthshire. It has a truly wild feel - no pretend stuff here. View our Location

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