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 Forage & Tree ID


Edible sandwhich Video       Tapping the Sap Video

Duration - 3hrs

Suitable For -Parent & Child Friendly -  . No level of expertise is required , just a keeness to learn. We will do a fair bit of walking on rough ground.

Location - Second to none, we are set in a remote but accessible part of Perthshire. It has a truly wild feel - no pretend stuff here. View our Location

Content - The perfect way to spend the afternoon.  This event is all about enthusing you about the potential of the great outdoors.  We will walk through various different habitats and identify and examine different trees and plants looking at them in terms of edibility, medicinal and any other known practical use. The information you pick up here will hopefully inspire you to learn more  . Different times of the year offer different opportunities.  The highlight of the day is  pancakes and hot hocolate.

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