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Sweat Lodge 

Whether you area group of girls or lads or you looking to join one of our scheduled courses you are welcome. 

An experience like no other.   At its basics the Sweat Lodge is an outdoor sauna, however after this night you will be guaranteed to have a story for life. A sweat lodge has a way of reconnecting you with the earth and releiving you of all stresses and strains. We dont run the sweat lodge as an overly ritualistic ceremony; if you are a spiritual person the forest and the lodge will do all the rest for you. If you dont know you are a spiritual person yet you may just discover you are .

 You will be involved in building the lodge, collecting wood for the fire , heating the stones, sweating of course, and then eating drinking around the fire afterwards which is just as important as the lodge itself. It is a truly earth grounding experience. You can finish up by staying in the woods in our micro huts (howfs) if you really want to enhance your experience.

A comfortable dry shelter to eat and drink.

Season - All year round (Actually better in the winter)

Duration - Approx 6 hrs including preparation and a meal.  We like to encourage you to stay over to get the full woodland experience but this is not neccessary.


Meet your guide at Auchingarrich Wildlife Park Car Park early afternoon (this can vary given the time of year and available light. Ensure you have as much gear as possible packed into one bag. Your gear can be trasported to the camp area and you will have a 5 minute walk to the woods.

On arrival into the woods then the imperative is ensure you set up your sleeping arrangements (if its an overnight experience you would like). Next is the matter of sorting out the lodge and preparing wood for burning and preparing the food (we can do fully catered).

Fairly early on we would get the fire going as the stones require at least 2hrs to heat up. We would then have a light snack (e.g.soup) before the sweat lodge and then its time for the the sweating.Most persons find the whole experience very earthing. Its best to avoid alcohol before the lodge.

After the lodge you will get changed and your chef for the night will have prepared a fantastic meal for you to enjoy with your wine/beer etc and a roaring fire
Next morning we get the fire going and have a large and leisurely breakfast. Its then home time at about 10ish.
We also do an option where you do a 6 mile walk through woods to arrive at the camp.

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Frequent Questions

What is a Sweat Lodge ?

How hot does it get ?

Is it dangerous ?

How long does it last ?

What do I wear & how do we get changed ?

When do you run Sweat Lodges

What happens if it rains ?

Where do we sleep ?

What about food ?

Are there toilets ?

What is a Sweat Lodge ?

Wikpedia Quote, The sweat lodge or sweat house (also called purification ceremony, ceremonial sauna, or simply sweat) is a ceremonial or ritual event in some cultures, particularly among some North American First Nations, Native American, Scandinavian, Baltic and Eastern European cultures.

Our lodge is domed and built with hazel sticks. It is then covered in blankets and then a waterproof layer to keep the heat in.  There is room for 8 adults (it can be made larger).  In the centre there is a hole about a foot square and deep which is where the red hot stones are placed.  You have to crawl to enter the lodge and you take in a matt to keep you off the ground.  You are free to take a torch in the lodge.  The hot stones are placed in the hole and water is them poured over them creating steam. We put on some essential oils to add a bit more atmosphere.

How hot does it get ?

It can get as hot as a regular sauna , and it is up to you as a group to regulate the heat. It will depend how long you want to be in for.

Is it dangerous ?

We manage all the hazards to create a very low risk experience.  The obvious hazard is semi knaked bodies and red hot stones, so caution has to be exercised when getting in and out of the lodge.  We rarely operate lodges of more than 8 persons and participants are free to go in and out at their convenience.

Also if you have an existing condition that saunas exasperate then it is advised you do not try it,( for example, high blood pressure, angina, migraines, panic attacks, claustrophobia,  back pain,  diabetes.)

How long does it last ?

For as long as you like. Some people go for low heat long stay and some prefer hot blasts and go in & out.  If you are of the type you can indulge in cold buckets of water been thrown over you. Typically an hour.

What do I wear in the lodge & how do we get changed ?

It is recommended that you bring  light weight and lose fititng clothes. A swim costume and a cotton tea shirt can be worn . Also its useful to have flip flops and a towel.  When its is time for the lodge you can get changed in the a tent that we provide.  It is best to use your towel or a balnket so that you do not get chilled before and after the lodge.  

When do you run Sweat Lodges ?

All year round, snow and rain.

Do I get cold ?

If your not chopping wood  you are sitting around a large fire

What happens if it rains ?

We have a large parachute shelter which will keep you dry in all but the most extreme times.

Where do we sleep ?

You can bring your own tent or if you let us know we can provide tents. Alternatively some people enjoy sleeping out under Tarps or bush shelters.

What about food ?

All food is cooked over an open fire and is generally a large  stew of some description with potatoes and rice.  A pudding is always provided.  Breakfast can be pancakes, bacon and eggs and coffee.  You can suggest as well.

Are there toilets ?

Yes there is a composting tolet. If your not up for this then you can walk to the Wildlife Centre,.


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