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Real Wild Camp Skills (Suitable for D of E Training)


A superb fun course with loads of interesting detail. The course aim is to create nature aware campers with exceptional camp craft skills .  To acheive this we teach a slightly broader range of practical topics in a creative way to create the complete camper. The result is hopefully a youth that develop a long lasting and responsible attitude to our wild areas. The inclusion of a little more information than the regular outdoor camp course can make all the difference,

Duration - 3hrs or 6hrs (Depending on what detail and content you require - Also available is the 2 Day Adventure Hike which is excelent as a training expedition)

Suitable For - Especially for School groups who are looking to undertake Duke of Edinburgh - No level of expertise is required , just a keeness to learn. We will do a fair bit of walking on rough ground.

Location - Second to none, we are set in a remote but accessible part of Perthshire. It has a truly wild feel - no pretend stuff here. View our Location.  We can also come to you.

Equipment - All supplied but its a good idea to bring your tent along.


  • The key principles of  Scotland's Outdoor Access Code
  • Learn how to do a No trace fire (we will have fires, manage them and look at impacts)
  • Learn how to do No trace Toilets (dont worry we have a composting toilet on site)
  • Larn about Water sources (What are the risks ? and what can I do to make it safer)
  • Learn the importance of Health & Hygiene (Ticks, First Aid)
  • Building Nature Awareness, i.e Tree ID and some basic ecology
  • Create a general Land Use Awareness, i.e. who else might I reasonably expect to meet out here.
  • Tent Pitching Techniques and placement
  • Learn some basic camp craft tricks and tips.
  • Natural Navigation techniques to compliment the compass.


Please Call or email to arrange or talk through some of the finer points.

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