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The Sweat Lodge

At its basic it is an outdoor sauna for the adventurous spirit. It can however be much more than this.  It allows you the space to step out of your daily mayhem.  Our location makes this a simpler process as we are in a wood on the side of a hill with an authentic North American tipi to retreat to. We are truely out in nature for the whole experience.  

You enter a low roofed dome that you help make from hazel sticks. The dome is insulated with rugs and a waterproof top.  Stones are then heated up in a large fire. You chop the  wood for and maintain the fire.  The stones are transferred to the dome and placed in a hole in the middle of the dome.

On the day we do hot drinks and a light meal such as a vegetable curry .  Participants bring swim gear/or whatever they are comfortable in to change into.  Bring a towel and flip flops or crocks.

It takes a while for the stones to heat up so lots of chopping and a bit of stick whittling by the fire until its ready. 

Part of the day is explaining the ritual to participants and the power of the lodge will depend your indiv.

The maximum number in the lodge is eight persons so as not to be too squeezed.

If you have any conditions that saunas exasperate this is not for you.

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